10 Valentines Day Cakes

Valentine’s day, the big day for all the love birds, is celebrated all around the world on February 14. The day is filled with love and happiness. The couples in love plan a very romantic day out and then a lovely dinner to finish the beautiful day. Some couples plan them together, whereas some couples plan surprises among each other. There are some special elements in valentine’s day celebrations. Red roses, red hearts, red wine, chocolates, strawberries and the most important a valentine’s day special cake. There has to be a valentine’s day cake in the celebration. If you have a friend who is in a beautiful romantic relationship and he is away from his girlfriend this year, you can see the sadness popping on his face. Get him a delicious valentine cake and arrange a virtual date for him to see him feel better. The special day cannot be celebrated rightly without a cake, so check out our list of valentine’s day cake ideas for you to choose from.

Red Velvet Cake by CakeZone


Love is a beautiful feeling. Love makes a person selfless and more giving. Love teaches everyone important life lessons that you apply in various stages of life. When you love someone, keeping your loved one happy becomes a priority for you. You go all out to give your partner a surprise which they will cherish for a lifetime. The valentine’s day celebrates this beautiful feeling. Every couple gets excited as the valentine’s week starts. All the restaurants change their ambiance to a romantic set up, the florists keep the fresh bunch of red roses fully stocked, there are many valentine movies that release, you see the Instagram feeds filled with couples posting their lovely date pictures and we have tons of orders to deliver you love birds. So get your lover a beautiful valentine’s day cake like a yummy heart shaped chocolate cake that they will fall in love with and make your valentine dinner more romantic.

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