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10 Cakes for New Year’s Eve Party

New Year celebration without Cakes and vine is nearly impossible. When the clock ticks twelve most of us cut cakes to celebrate the joy. While there is lot of designer cakes for different occasions, these collections are specific for New Year Eve Party. The colors and designs will actually sink well with the New Year occasion. This is where we make sure designer cakes are adding beauty to the occasion. Some of the designer cakes available are:

  1. Golden Sparkly Shine New Year’s Eve Party Cake:

    golden shiny new year eve's party cake

    golden shiny new year eve’s party cake

    Along with sparkles, glitters and Champagne a golden tower cake with tick the mood when it is pulled with some sugar beads. This would be a four tower cake with different shades of brown and the sparkles making its way through the dark and light of browns. A candle beside this can steal make it more appealing.

  2. Tick-Tock Clock Cake:
    New Year CountDown Cake

    New Year CountDown Cake

    New Year is all about celebrating time. Thus having a tick-tock cake will make the moments livelier. A clock cake with simple round in the center topped by Choco sticks and cupcake sized cakes right around it to show hours and minutes. Each of these cake pieces are topped with rich fresh cream and chocolates.

  3. Star-burst Fireworks Piped Buttercream Cake:

    Sprinkling Stars Cake

    Sprinkling Stars Cake

    Fireworks are not just beautiful in the sky but also on cakes.  The multi-colored sparkles on a dark cake will make the cake have the look of sky. This is ideal for eve New Year Party and outdoor parties. The exact feel of eve party can be easily depicted in the cake with the help of colored sparkle icing and cream spots like stars. 

  1. Break Out Bubble Champagne Bottle Cake:

    Break out bubble champagne cake

    Base of the cake is like a bucket with Champagne bottle. It is then decorated with silver stars and sweet balls. The combination of Champagne bottle color and silver bucket is topped with some ice cubes to bring out the actual look of celebrating New Year with friends and family. A flat base is used the place the bucket and wording are craved on this black base.

  1. Black Tie Modern New Year’s Party Cake:
    Black Tie Modern New Year Party Cake

    Black Tie Modern New Year Party Cake

    The geometric theme of black tie is a cool and sparkling way to bring colors into decorative cakes. The trick and touch of golden sparkles will add some nice twists on the golden glittering cake. The cake holder in itself is made by black spongy cake.

  1. Hearts and Roses Clock Cake:
    New Year Rose Heart Step

    New Year Rose Heart Step

    If you are looking to gift someone special a very nice New Year for eve party, then start it with a Hearts and Roses Clock Cake. The white and rose combination is all time favorites on cakes. A round white forest cake base and a heart shared décor cake with red rose designs will make the message more clear and special. If it can be topped with a cute tiny clock design, then cake will look complete.

  1. Blast of Star Cake:
    Elegant New Year 2017

    Elegant New Year 2017

    Though it’s a simple looking star cake, the multi flavored taste will melt into your mouth with every single bite. It is a squared shaped cake with stars shooting out of a box. This design cake can be used to gift someone on a New Year Eve Party.

  1. Disco Ball Topped Cake:
    Disco Ball Topped Cake

    Disco Ball Topped Cake

    This is a 3 layered cake white forest cake with a disco ball placed on the topmost layer. All the three layers are decorated with tiny golden stars and white or silver sweet balls. The sweet collections will gradually increase as the design moves close to the disco balls.

  1. Sparkle Star Cake:
    New Year is meant for celebrating with stars and sparks all over. This can be brought into the cake collections especially on the night or evening parties. Getting the right blend of flavor, texture and colors together is the success of every cake designing. Whether it is fondant creations or creamy and spongy cakes, it is easy to bring together all the creativity into cakes according to the occasion needs.
  1. Ball Drop Cake:
    Finding tasty cakes is not a tough task, but finding designer cakes with taste is not easy. One of the fast moving collections at these New Year celebrations is ball drop cakes. This is a layered cake with colorful ball drops hanging around with the side support of Choco sticks. These balls can be silver sweet balls, crystal balls, color balls, firework balls and so on. Based on the cake flavor and color selection the ball drops flavoring will differ.

While you have seen and tasty the normal cream and fondant cakes all these years, to enjoy the New Year in a special way make use of designer cakes made out of fondant and creams. Pick any designs of your choice and enjoy the taste of marvelous cakes on the New Year Eve. Apart from those listed above, some of the other collections are Red velvet sandwich cakes, Greek New Year cake, Bourbon Balls cake, Eggnog cake, Chocolate Liqueur Cake, Tiramisu Cheesecake, Heavenly chipped hazelnut and chocolate cake and more.

It’s not always just about deserts and sweets. Some real nice cakes can be used to gift and celebrate New Year Eve parties. Get your own designs and imaginations into cakes now! And take all the credit for being creative and imaginative. Sparkling setting in itself calls a lot of professional touch. Arranging these sparkling stars, glitters and sweet balls in scattered way is very essential to bring out the expected look on the designer cakes.

Bring uniqueness to your cakes now at an affordable price. Cakes are used for celebrating occasions, so there should never be any compromise on the quality and style along with taste and perfect texturing. Get professionals to craft designer cakes for your special day and surprise your guests and special ones by showing the extra effort you have taken to bring smile on their face. Make use of these designer cakes to start off the New Year with sweet notes!

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