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Top 10 Cake Decoration Ideas for Christmas

Cake decorating is considered as a delicate art as it needs much patience and creativity. From the very beginning of making a cake for any occasion, three steps have to be followed—baking, icing and decorating it with edible decorative pieces. To give a plain cake its ultimate look and visual beauty frosting or icing is done with a creative hand. Moreover, a cake can be shaped into different moulds to give it a three-dimensional effect. Nowadays People celebrate each and every small event with a cake, so cake decoration is modified and getting better day by day with more innovative ideas.

Decorating a cake for Christmas celebration also involved frosting and icing procedure and then creative decoration with small edible candy, colourful layers of creams and chocolates, or only using small pieces of marzipan or fondants. Here we are going to discuss some new and creative idea of Christmas cake decoration.

1:  GINGERBREAD MAN CHRISTMAS CAKE: This is the latest idea in cake decoration. You can give a plain Christmas cake a unique look by decorating in this way. For this decoration all you need are:

Gingerbread Man Christmas Cake

Gingerbread Man Christmas Cake

15-20cm wide Christmas cake, icing sugar mixed with water to form a smooth paste, so that it can pass through a nozzle, Apricot jam, Packed Marzipan, Ready-to-roll white fondant icing, Brown and red colour icing, Edible golden ball. 20cm cake board or cake stand, gingerbread man cutter, Icing bag and thin nozzle or plastic sandwich bags.

Take an ordinary cake and keep it some time for cool down. Replace it from the baking tin onto the cake stand. Sprinkle some Icing sugar on the board and place the cake turning upside down. Remove the paper. Make sure the cake stand is little bigger than the cake.

: Roll out the marzipan in even shape and cover the cake. With the help of a spoon make the surface even and smooth. Mix the apricot jam with water, so that it melts and brush it over the Marzipan.

: Roll out icing sugar in the same way and cover the cake. Make the sides even and smooth with a spatula. Divide the remain icing sugar into two parts, dye one part in red colour, and the another in Gingerbread brown colour. Leave it for some time. Then roll out the brown colour icing and cut 4-5 gingerbread man with the help of a gingerbread cutter. Place it on the cake in round shape. Place the edible golden balls in between. Also, make a stripe design with the red and white colour icing and place in between the Gingerbread man.

: Take the remaining icing in a plastic piping bag and make eyes, smiley lips of the gingerbread man.

2: CHRISTMAS ROBIN CAKE DECORATION: To make this decoration, take a plain fruit cake; place it on the cake stand removing the baking paper.

Christmas Robin Cake

Christmas Robin Cake

: Take white Marzipan to cover the cake. Make the sides even and cut out the excess.

: Take a handful quantity of brown fondant. Make round shape with the palm to make the little body of Robin bird; Cut out wings and beak out of this brown fondant. Fix them to the body, so that it looks like a bird.

: roll out some red fondant in round shape and fix it to the Brown shaped Robin, to give a look like the red breast of Robin bird. Make two or three Robin like this.

: Take brown icing sugar and roll it like a tree branch, and place it on the cake top vertically, make small green leaves with green icing sugar. Now fix the two Robin bird onto the branch with glue. This will make the Christmas cake a unique one.

3: SNOWMAN CAKE: Take a round shape or square shape fruit cake. Brush it with apricot jam.

Snowman Christmas Cake

Snowman Christmas Cake

: Dust some icing sugar on a clean board; roll out Marzipan with a roller and make it large enough to cover the cake. Cut the excess portion.

: Take blue colour icing sugar, or you can dye it with food colour. Roll it out and drape the cake to give a look like ice-covered area. Make the cake-body even with a spatula.

: Take some white icing sugar and make a long strip out of this, roll it. Keep one side straight and make the other side wiggly zigzag with a knife. Drape this around the cake from the base.

: Make two small balls, two medium balls, and two big balls with the white icing sugar, make two snowmen placing the ball on the cake, fix them squashing slightly. Make eyes, nose, scarf and cap of the snowman with coloured icing sugar. This is how your Wobbly Snowy Island is ready with snowman

4: CHRISTMAS CAKE WITH SANTA CLAUSE: To make Santa Clause you need red, black, white coloured fondant. First, make black shoes with the help of palm, make a small sausage, and fold it in the middle to give a V shape, so that when you keep it straight, it will look like a Black Shoe. Make a whole on the top, to fix the leg easily.

: Make red coat of Santa clause and two legs with red fondant. Fix the legs on the black shoe. Fix two toothpicks on the legs to fix the red body of Santa. Take some white fondant and make thin pieces like fur and drape it around the red body. Make belts with black fondant and fix it round the red coat. Make two hands with red fondant with a white border so that it looks like a fur coat.

: Make the face of Santa with white fondant; fix small round eyes and cute nose. Make a red cap and fix on the head.

: Place this Santa clause over a fruit cake after draping it with white marzipan. You can make a red circle the cake, and hills on the top with brown icing.

5: GIFT BOX CAKE FOR CHRISTMAS: for this decoration, two square fruit cake is needed. One big and another one are little smaller. Brush some Jam on the cakes.

: dust some icing sugar on a clean board, roll out white marzipan, make a square and cover the big cake and the small cake.

: Make flat rolls with red icing sugar and cover the big cake. In the Same way cover the small cake with white Icing sugar. Place the small cake on the big one, in a way we put gift box on one another.

: roll out green fondant to make flat pieces of a ribbon to make a wrap around the cake and make a bow knot. You can use different coloured fondant for two cakes. It will look like gift boxes knotted with ribbon.

: Make some flower design with piping icing sugar through a nozzle on the top. Make some colourful dots with matching icing sugar.

6: IGLOO CAKE: This one is a splendid decoration. For this take a Basin-shaped plain fruit cake. Place it on a cake stand in the way so that the dome remains upside like a tub or basin. Brush it with apricot jam.

: cover the cake with white marzipan. Cut the excess edge. Make it even. Now take White icing sugar and roll it flat enough to cover the cake from top to bottom. Make an entrance of the igloo with a knife cutting an arch shape in the front. Make brick like lines across the igloo. Make some Penguin with black fondant and place them in front of an igloo.

7: CHERRY CAKE FOR CHRISTMAS: To make cherry cake decoration, you need fresh-cut cherries. Cover a plain round shaped cake with White Magician. Next take some yellow icing sugar, roll it flat and cover the cake. Make the edges smooth. Take a cone shape pipe, fill it with chocolate and make a spiral design around the side of the cake. Take fresh cherries and fix it upside down on the cake.  You can write Merry Christmas on the cake with melting icing sugar.

8: ROSE PETALS DECORATION: Decorating a Christmas cake with rose petals is quite known to all, but yet it is popular as it makes the cake looks yummy. Take any regular fruit cake, cover it with White marzipan. Next, drape it with pink icing sugar. Fill the plastic cone with melting red icing sugar and make rose petal design. Make some green leaves with green fondant.

9: CHRISTMAS GINGERBREAD CHOCOLATE HOUSE: To make a Chocolate House cake you need to mix butter, sugar and golden syrup. Add egg yolk and stir well. Add flour into this mixture and make soft dough with your hands. Keep it in the fridge with a plastic covering. Make six equal portions of this dough, to make the wall of the house. Make sure windows and doors with a sharp knife on the rectangular flat pieces of side walls and front walls.  Bake it in preheats oven for 15 minutes. Cool down the prices. Take a flat base and fix them to form a housekeeping a glass inside to support the walls. Pipe along the roof panels and make the design of roof tiles over with brown coloured fondant. Decorate the sides with Christmas tree made out of green icing sugar.

10: CHOCOLATE CHRISTMAS CAKE: An everyday fruit cake may look fabulous if decorated with all over chocolate layers. You can take any plain fruit cake. Roll out White Marzipan and cover the cake. Then brush some apricot jam over the cake. Take a brown icing sugar and roll it flat to cover the cake. Melt some cocoa powder and pour it into a plastic cone. Make flower design piping the nozzle. Take some green fondant to make small leaves for garnishing.

These are some of the cake decoration ideas, which will add more colour to your Christmas.






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