Top 10 Story Books for Kids Online at Affordable Price

Stories are a huge part of everyone’s life. We have all grown up listening to stories and the bedtime stories are the best part to remember about our childhood. Stories are such an amazing medium that builds imagination in the kids mind. Storytelling is the best type of education and it is also the most effective. When you recite a story in an interesting way, the story stays in the mind for a very long time. When a person is sharing some personal experience, it sounds more interesting when he/she is telling it like a story. In colleges and schools, it is easy to understand what is taught if it is taught in a story format. When we read something, it doesn’t stay in the mind for so long, but when we hear something in a form of story, that stays with us for a long time and we will remember it at some point in life. Check out our list of amazing story books to educate your children with all the awesome stories.

Pocket Pal Jokes & Riddles by BookyWooky


If you have kids in your house, then these story books are a must have. These days kids are more drawn towards all the technological gadgets such as mobile phones, tv, tablets and computers. Most of their time is consumed in activities they do using these gadgets. It is important for the kids to have touch with the beautiful tradition of storytelling. Imagination is very important for a kid but these gadgets do not let them have much imagination of their own without any influence. If you also feel like your kid is too much into mobile phones and tv, then you have to check out our collection of story books online. Story books for kids are the best kind of gift. If you have a niece or nephew who is celebrating their birthday, then these story books are the perfect gift for the occasion. We have books that have short stories for children that will teach them morals and when they grow old, they can also know how important stories were for them as well.

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