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Elegant Rose Boxes Collection

A flower, also known as a bloom or blossom is a symbol of strength, purity, and generosity. In India, flowers have utmost importance on every occasion. From engagements to marriages to birthdays to gifts, flowers are an important part of every function. Right from sunrise to sunset, flowers are an inevitable part for Indians. When you see fresh flowers, they have a peaceful, positive and calming effect on the viewer. Indian culture also has a close spiritual connection with flowers. Hindu prayers are incomplete without flowers as they emit peaceful and positive vibes. Our culture is like a beautiful mixed flowerbox and flowers are an important part of our culture. Roses are the most favourite flowers of people in India. Knowing the symbolism and connotation of flowers we have got exclusive elegant rose boxes, which makes it the perfect gifting and keeping option.

So, whether you want to gift roses to someone or want to add a burst of freshness to your home or office, read on!

Scintillating Roses Luxury Box

Scintillating Roses Luxury box has a mixture of white and red roses. White roses represent purity, innocence, a new beginning, and youthfulness. Red roses stand for passion, true love, bliss, romance, and commitment. A mix of white and red roses symbolizes unity. So, if you are in love with someone romantically and you both are looking for commitment a Scintillating Roses Luxury Box is the way to go!

Yellow Elegant Box

Yellow Elegant Box has a collection of vibrant yellow Roses. The beautiful sun coloured Yellow Roses are generally associated with good cheer, friendship, joy, caring. You can either gift it to a friend or buy it for your office or home as yellow roses are the perfect way to lift spirits.

Elegant English Garden Box

Elegant English Garden Box has a collection of White, Yellow, Pink, and Red Roses. This classic collection of various coloured roses is an elegant way to convey mixed emotions! If you are confused about your feelings then Elegant English Garden Box would be the right choice. You can also keep the collection of mixed roses in the office or home to make your day bright and beautiful.

The Eternity Red Rose Box

Eternity Red Rose Box has a collection of Red Roses. Red is a universal symbol of love so if you are deeply and madly in love with someone say it with red roses. You can also gift it to the bride if you are going for marriage, as they represent bliss in the marriage.

Our freshly collected roses have a sweet spicy fragrance. Order it now for a refreshing mood or send it to everyone you love to let them know how much you love them!

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