Top 10 Return Gift Ideas for 1st Birthday

We celebrate and attend so many birthday parties and we also get a return gift as a thank you for attending the party, from the host. When one plans a birthday party for their kid, they invite all the kids they know to the party. Even if it is your kid’s first birthday party, to make it more exciting you call all the cousins and other kids around you to celebrate your kid’s first birthday. If you are bored of giving similar kinds of return gifts for your kid’s birthday party, then check out our unique ideas of first birthday return gifts. You can set the bar high among your friends and family by getting the best return gifts for the guests who attend the birthday party you are hosting. A birthday party can also be remembered by a nice return gift. You can make the birthday celebration memorable by giving the best birthday return gifts. Return gifts are your way of thanking and appreciating your guests for coming to your kid’s birthday party. So show your appreciation to all your guests with our list of return gifts ideas for 1st birthday.

Cute Soft Teddy Bear with Heart by CakeZone


Planning a first birthday party can be emotional, overwhelming and nerve wracking but you know in the back of your mind that this moment will be cherished forever and so you give in all your time and effort to give your 1 year old the best birthday party. It doesn’t take much time to get the birthday cake arranged, the venue and food arranged. But it is not an easy task to impress the kids, so choosing the return gifts for them becomes very challenging. Kids have different likes and interests. You need a return gift that all the kids in the party would fall in love with. If you are feeling exhausted trying to find the best return gifts for all kids coming to the birthday party, then take a deep breath and check out our list of return gifts for 1st birthday. Choose the idea you like the most and add the return gift to the best thing about the party list.

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