Rasmalai Cakes! – A double treat

Rasmalai Cakes

The Rasmalai Cake, the cake adapted from traditional exotic Bengali dessert is gaining popularity all over India due to its unique Delicious Fusion. The cake is prepared using a soft base with rose-flavoured cream and textured spongy Rasmalai. The Cake will give you different exclusive taste while diving deep into the cake.


Recipe of Rasmalai Cakes

Our R&D team came up with some unique cakes centred around Rasmalai sweet. Most of the bakers use sugar syrup to keep the sponge moist, but our chefs came up with this brilliant idea to use Rasmalai milk instead of sugar syrup. What turned out is an outstanding Rasmalai flavoured cake! Chefs then extended their creativity to blend with fresh fruits and narrowed down to use Pineapple and Apple. These cakes are topped and garnished with fresh fruits, pista and Rasmalai sweet. This cake is a double treat with juicy sweet Rasmalai and fresh yummy cream cake. A vanilla flavoured sponge moistened with Rasmalai milk, layered with yummy fresh cream and Rasmalai sweets, garnished with Pista, Rasmalai sweets and fresh fruits, this cake is definitely a double treat.

Why Rasmalai?

Ras-malai is believed to be originated from West Bengal. The name Ras-malai comes from two words in Hindi: Ras, meaning “juice”, and Malai, meaning “cream”. It has been described as “a rich cheesecake without a crust”. Isn’t this enough to think creatively?

Yes, the very meaning of the word Ras-malai hinted us to come up with this unique line of Rasmalai cake. We have to confess, almost all flavours of cakes we consumed till date originated from western countries- Chocolate, Red Velvet, German Chocolate, Butterscotch, Belgian Chocolate etc. It is time we set the trend! We will not rest here, you will get to taste many more such unique flavours from us, Perhaps a Make-in-India in bakery market?

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