Rasgulla Cake – Classic sweet turned into a Cake!

Much was debated over who invented Rasgulla sweet. Did K.C. Das of Kolkata invent rasgulla or did it originate from Orissa? Rasgulla. As soon as one hears this word, one’s tongue drools. This sweet is regarded as an identity marker of Bengalis. And some claim Rasgulla had its origin from Orissa. It is a sweet prepared in Orissa for ages and ages. Even this sweet is offered to Lord Jagannath and Sri Lakshmi at Lord Jagannath temple, Puri. In the mid-nineteenth century, many Brahmin cooks came to Bengal from Orissa in search of work. Incidentally, many varieties of recipes, including Rasgulla, must have come to Bengal with them. Nonetheless, here Rasgulla was popularized by KC Das and it is only by his effort, Rasgulla got to be exported abroad.

Rasgulla Cake.

Yes. What you are seeing is absolutely a cake carrying rasgulla sweets and rasgulla flavor. Imagine the juice of rasgulla sweet drenching your palate with every bite of cake – this is exactly what we deliver through this new rasgulla cake. We don’t like settling with normal or regular cakes. So, we keep innovating and bring out new cakes with these brilliant ideas. Rasmalai cake, Choco Velvet cake are examples of our previous innovations.

This rasgulla cake is made with vanilla flavored sponge and moistened with rasgulla juice. We understand Indians love for sweets and hence want to add more value. This cake comes with loaded rasgulla sweets as toppings and also layered with rasgulla juice and rasgullas. We couldn’t restrict weight to half kg, given the weight added because of real rasgulla sweets. Hence, this cake is only available with a minimum weight of 1 kg. Isn’t this a very different cake? Why don’t you try this new cake for your next special occasion and surprise your guests!

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