Promise day special cake

February is the month of romance, and it’s not restricted to just one day anymore. Now, couples celebrate for the entire week with each day signifying a special day — Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Promise Day, Teddy Day, Hug Day and finally, Valentine’s Day!

Promise day falls on February 11th. Well as the name reads, you promise your better half or to-be-better half, rekindle your love with more dedication and zeal. It’s true that with passing time we have just been getting busy with no time in hand, yet take out few minutes today and let your dear ones know what they mean to you and promise to be there always.

We at HalfCute would love to dedicate a special cake on this special day.

Yes, never stop loving! It is also equally important to show that love and express that love. Gift your loved ones this yummy special cake and we are here waiting for your order.

Special Promise Day Quote –

If you are the moon, I promise to be your star
If you are the rain, I promise to be your rainbow
If you be the butter, I promise to be your bread
If you be the river, I promise to be the current and not the banks,
Because I always want us to be together!
Happy Promise Day, darling!

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