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Every Mother’s Day, you have the opportunity to tell your mom how special she is with a unique Online Mother’s Day gift that makes her laugh or cry with joy – and certainly warm her heart. Now you can stop complaining about your busy life and shop for mother’s day gifts online, with same day delivery as well.

Mother's Day Greeting Card

Mother’s Day Greeting Card

Who is behind Mother’s day?

American activist Anna Jarvis is credited with founding Mother’s Day in the United States and she is responsible for the modern-day Mother’s Day celebrations as we know it. Though she never had children of her own, Ms Jarvis reportedly wanted to ensure her own mother’s wish for a day just for moms. She campaigned for years to help make the day a reality.

Ever wondered why it is Mother’s day and not Mothers day?

Mother’s Day was initially intended to be a day to honour and celebrate mothers individually and not collectively. That is why the apostrophe is before the “s” – making “Mother’s” singular possessive instead of plural possessive.

Mother’s Day gifts – 2019

You want your mom to like your expression of love towards her. Hence, choose your gift wisely!

Gifts for a new mother

    1. Happy Mother’s Day Topper Cake

      Happy Mother's Day Topper Cake

      Happy Mother’s Day Topper Cake

      This yummy sweet topper cake is one amazing gift to surprise a mother who just had a baby.

  1. Greeting card

    Mother's Day Carnival Combo

    Mother’s Day Carnival Combo

    Well, they love flowers! Express your love with these beautiful flowers and a special greeting card. You can even customize the message on the card.

Gifts for grandmother

  1. A Photo cake

    Mother' Day Gift from Daughter

    Mother’ Day Gift from Daughter

    For most of us, the love and affection showered by grandmothers during our childhood days are worth cherishing for life. Surprise her with a personal photo cake that can rejoice her with a lot of memories.

Gifts for wife

  1. Cupcakes, Flowers and a Greeting card

    Classy Mother's Day Cupcakes, Flowers & Greeting Card Combo

    Classy Mother’s Day Cupcakes, Flowers & Greeting Card Combo

    These pretty mom cupcakes and flowers will definitely surprise your wife and make her special about motherhood. Adding a personal greeting card would definitely go long way!

This Mother’s Day, show all the moms in your life how much you appreciate what they do with one-of-a-kind gifts made just for them.

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