15 Unique Lohri Wishes for 2021

Lohri 2021 is the festival that celebrates the arrival of the sun for a new harvest season. This festival marks the end of the winter season which allows the farmers to start growing their crops. They pray for good luck and blessings from the god of the sun. Lohri is celebrated with a delicious menu of food, sweets and lassi. There is a bonfire, where all the family members gather around and they dance to all the energetic Lohri songs. Make this Lohri a special one by sending Happy Lohri wishes to your relatives and friends through our unique Lohri Quotes. If you are not able to join your family to celebrate Lohri, don’t get disappointed because we have amazing ways to send your Lohri message. We have a list of Lohri quotes, Lohri greetings and happy Lohri wishes for you to send your loved ones on this auspicious occasion. Check them out now!

  1. Days of joy, weeks of laughter, months of good luck and years of prosperity. Here’s wishing you a Happy Lohri!

2.  May the new year bring you a lot of opportunities and make all your dreams a reality, Happy Lohri!

3. We wish that the warmth of the bonfire, the sweetness of gud and rewari on Lohri remain with you forever. Happy Lohri Greetings!

4. Lohri ki aag mein bhulado saare gam… Khushiyaan aayein aap ke jeevan mein hardam aur har kadam… Lohri mubaarak ho!

5. May this Lohri fire burn all the moments of sadness and enlighten your world with warmth of joy, happiness and love. Happy Lohri Wishes!

6. You must put in work to get rewards, you must sow the seeds before you harvest, may this Lohri bring you all the luck and happiness, Lohri Wishes!

7. Hope the jaggery brings sweetness in your life, hope the fire brings warmth in your life, hope this Lohri brings a lot more of happiness in your life, Happy Lohri!

8. We wish you a very Happy Lohri and send you lots of love and good luck.

9. May this Lohri fire burn all the moments of sadness and enlighten your world with the warmth of joy, happiness, and love.

10. This Lohri, be thankful for the arrival of the new year, keep your loved ones closer and celebrate the festival with a lot of love. Happy Lohri Greetings!

11. Wishing this harvest season to be better than the last one, may your days be filled with joy and happiness, Happy Lohri Wishes!

12. May this Lohri be delightful and auspicious for you! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Lohri!

13. In the glowing bonfire of Lohri, we wish all your dreams to come true. Wish you and your family a very Happy Lohri!

14. Hope the festival of Lohri brings all the love and joy in your life! Wish you and your dear ones a very Happy Lohri.

15. May the new harvest season bring you a lot of peace, may this Lohri bring you a lot of happiness, Happy Lohri Greetings!

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