Top 10 Lohri Sweets

Lohri is the new year celebration for some among us. It is an auspicious occasion that marks the end of the winter season and start of a new harvest season. This is the time when all the family members and friends gather together to celebrate this special occasion. Did you know the name Lohri was derived from the word til-rorhi which means sesame (til) and jaggery (rorhi) which is traditionally savoured during this festival. There is a special dinner right after the holy bonfire where everyone enjoys great music and a nice dancing session. When you hear the name Lohri, you get all those fun memories in the back of your mind and you look forward to having an amazing time on the next Lohri celebration. Lohri is also known for sharing sweets among friends and family. If you are wondering about what to give your dear ones this Lohri, then check out our list of Lohri sweet boxes that will treat your taste buds with the deliciousness.

Misht Kaju Katli (Cashew Barfi) by Misht Sweets


Dishes and sweets made from jaggery, sesame seeds, peanuts and dry fruits are the highlight of this amazing festival. The combination of jaggery and sesame seeds which is known as the Tilrorhi is the traditional savory of this festival. This is the time when you share sweets with your friends, relatives and neighbors. Find amazing and unique collections of sweets at our website and get the best Lohri sweets online. If your relatives won’t be able to join you this year for the celebration, then you can at least send them your good wishes through a delicious box of Lohri sweets. If you are someone who loves to spread happiness around you, then check out our collection of Lohri gift boxes that will definitely help you to spread some happiness. There is no festival in this country which is celebrated without involving sweets. Everyone enjoys a nice box of sweets, so get the Lohri sweets for you and your loved ones from us and have a happy Lohri.

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