10 Lohri Gift Hampers

Lohri is that time of the year where the whole community comes together to celebrate. The festival includes tasty food, bonfire and dance, going to every house in the neighborhood to wish and other fun activities. This festival brings a lot of people together and the celebration becomes much better. The festival Lohri is celebrated to welcome the new season and the new year. The kids in the locality go from house to house and collect items like jaggery, nuts, dry fruits, sesame seeds and other treats. The items they collect is termed as the Lohri and in some places they throw the food items collected into the bonfire that represents throwing the old year into the fire and leaving it behind. Wishing this harvest season to be better than the last one, may your days be filled with joy and happiness, have a Happy and safe Lohri with your friends and family. Share your good wishes with your loved one with a nice Lohri gift hamper. Check out our list for some amazing Lohri hamper ideas.

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Lohri is celebrated by sharing delicious sweets among your friends and family. This beautiful festival originated from the regions near the Himalayan ranges. The winter would be so cold there, so the people would celebrate the arrival of the new season. Lohri is also grandly celebrated in Punjab where it is a day for the farmers to take all the good luck and blessings from the god of sun before they start a new harvest. The bonfire is also considered to be holy and people believe that walking around the bonfire on Lohri will bring them good luck and blessings from the god of fire. For the new brides and newborns, the festival of Lohri is more special and auspicious. Make Lohri more special by sending amazing Lohri hampers to all your loved ones. Check out our list of Lohri gift hampers to spread the festive vibes with your relatives and friends.

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