Enthralling IPL Party with Desserts from HalfCute

The 2019 season of the Indian Premier League, also known as the 12th season of the IPL begun with its first match on 23rd March. Indian Premier League has been consistently contested on Indian soil every year during the summer months of April and May, for a decade now. Indian Premier League brings live cricketing action between the teams that are built grabbing the most valuable players from around the world. The teams are named based on different cities in India and thus the fan following for the teams would be mainly based on the geographical location of these cities.

Cricket is the most loved game in India. Sports would be nothing if there wouldn’t be fans to back the players and teams. The fever of Indian Premier League is mounted on the people all around. IPL is not just plain cricket. It is the nation’s passion and ties the entire country in one knot. IPL matches are celebrated like big occasions by fans across the country. Fans party when their favourite team wins. Fans love eating desserts and snacks and drinking juice as they cheer for their favourite team.

HalfCute has got three fun ways of supporting your favorite IPL team 

IPL Theme Cupcakes

We love watching matches with family and friends and cheering for our favourite team. One thing which is constant while watching matches is eating our favourite desserts. HalfCute thought about it and came up with special IPL themed cupcakes wherein every team has a set of themed cupcakes. Cupcakes come in small sizes so there is no hustle of cutting it. Order special IPL Cupcake for your guests and you will get the match covered in one delicious, sprinkly and swirly shot! Your guests will enjoy delicious flavours when you order the themed cupcakes of their favourite team!

IPL Photo Mugs

IPL Mugs can be used to support your favourite team and also encourage the sporting spirit among the recipients. It is a trend to gift IPL merchandise to your IPL buddies. You can also join the trend and select IPL mugs featuring Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Delhi Daredevils (DD), Mumbai Indians (MI), Kings XI Punjab,Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), Rajasthan Royals (RR), Royal Challengers Bangalore(RCB), Sunrisers Hyderabad (SH) logo and picture as a gift for your IPL buddy.The recipients would recollect the memories of the IPL season every time they would sip their favourite coffee using these mugs. Thus, the cricketing spirit can be taken to the next level by gifting the IPL themed beautiful coffee mugs.The cricket lovers would truly admire this innovative gift.

IPL Photo Cake

IPL Photo cakes are trending this IPL season. Set the right tone and rhythm to the enthralling IPL party with desserts from HalfCute. Get your match buddies at home this IPL season and celebrate the spirit of cricket along with some great food, enthusiasm and special photo cake for your favourite team. You also get to choose your favourite flavour from a wide variety of flavours like vanilla,Butterscotch, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, chocolate truffle and soon.  A cake with a picture of your favourite team on top will double your happiness when your team wins a match.

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