Choco Velvet Cake – Our new innovation

Selection of Flavor:

We always love to hustle. This is exactly what keeps us ahead of all our competitors. At HalfCute we have a dedicated team working on new designs, new flavors and new products. We would like to share about our new innovation – Choco Velvet Cake. It is an open secret that our Red Velvet cake is the yummiest. Our chefs got creative one day and tried experimenting with different variants of Red Velvet flavor. They stuck gold when they invented a good mix of chocolate and red velvet flavors. The outcome is this Choco Velvet Cake!

Selection of Cream:

They didn’t settle after that, they wanted to make it even more special. Iterated on many fresh and cheese creams. They found a good cheese + fresh cream with a unique ratio of cheese cream and fresh cream. Frosted the layers with this cream and also finishing on top of cake. This cake is brought to next level with all the finesse. But, appearance of a cake is equally important. A simple yet premium look is what we wanted to bring out. A cool chocolate garnishing is the answer. 

Recipe of Choco Velvet Cake:

This yummy cake is a blend of Chocolate and Red Velvet flavors. You can refer to our post on Red Velvet recipe. Ensure that you use chocolate and red velvet mixes in making your sponge. You should be getting a dark brown to dark maroon colored sponge. We have a very secret ingredient in this which makes this cake exceptionally delicious. Try it and find out why this cake is so yummy!

Sorry, we are not sharing the complete recipe! Remember? If you’re good at something, never do it for free. You can taste the cake by yourself and know more about it.

You can order it online from HalfCute website using the below links.

City Link

We are working hard to provide the service in all other cities soon.

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