10 Holi Greeting Cards Online 2021

Holi, the festival of spring, is one of those festivals that is loved the most across the country. Even though historically it is a Hindu festival, Holi is celebrated by every community of people worldwide. Although Holi is a festival that welcomes the spring and marks the end of winter, for many it is a festival of colors. It is one of the biggest celebrations in India where people gather and put vibrant colors on each other & wish each other a Happy Holi with Holi greeting cards. This year are you looking for the best Holi greeting cards? Then find the happy Holi cards &  surprise all with love. Do you know why Holi being the festival of spring is associated with colors and is popularly called the festival of colors? It comes from Lord Krishna who played a lot of pranks on village girls by throwing water and colors at them. Send beautiful happy Holi cards to your loved ones and enjoy the festival to the fullest. Here you will find a variety of happy Holi greeting cards that can be sent to all the loved ones. If you are away from your family during the Holi celebration, then send a Holi greeting card to them and wish them with lots of love.

1. Holi Celebration Happy Holi Greeting Card


It is very hard to escape from colors when it is Holi. Everyone on the street will be having colors in their hand and as soon as they see someone clean without any color on them, they chase the person and make a huge mess. There is no offense taken because it’s Holi. Keeping all the fun aside, everyone should take care of themselves and others around them as these colors are harmful for the skin, hair and the eyes. Have as much as fun with some responsibilities. If you live in an apartment building, spread the happiness of Holi with your neighbors by sending them beautiful Holi greeting cards. Choose from our curated list of Happy Holi greeting cards and present them. Sharing happiness is always a good deed. When you do good, you always receive good, that is how the universe works doesn’t it? As soon as the month of March begins, everyone gets ready and gets excited to celebrate Holi also people interested in Holi greeting card making. Every street you pass will be colored and you will see a lot of broken pichkaris. So if you have already gotten your water balloons, colors and pichkaris ready then hurry up and check out our collection of happy Holi cards and have the best Holi.

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