How HalfCute ranked #1 in cake delivery

HalfCute ranked #1 in online cake delivery in Bangalore within 2 months of launch. Fresh and good quality cakes being one reason. We also worked very hard in creating good online presence. Now we are operating in many other cities with similar strategy quite successfully. Many websites started out heavily with PPC (pay-per-click) strategy to acquire their customers. However we designed a clear strategy which yields long term benefits along with decent entry into the market.

HalfCute, started out building very healthy content around cakes and celebrations. With the power of SEO, we ensured our content is relevant, in the trend and helpful to our readers.

  1. SEO gives best ROI
  2. Google fields more than 1 trillion searches per year
  3. Marketers chose SEO over PPC as it is cost-effective!
  4. 93% of online experiences start with search engines
  5. 70% of clicked search results are organic
  6. 14.6% of all SEO leads close!!

However, we are aware of challenges as well.

  1. 40% of marketers say algorithm changes are the biggest challenges to SEO
  2. SEO isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it strategy
  3. Requires plenty of maintenance and one need to stay updated on current trends
  4. If patience isn’t your strength, you may find the SEO process very frustrating

We adopted both SEO and PPC strategies to acquire our customers and also ensured long term benefits.


Please check this useful infographic below for more insights –

Power of SEO

Next time when you think of ordering a delicious cake – Think of HalfCute. Fresh and delicious cakes – baked inside a strong tech castle!

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