Top 10 Gifts Under 250 Rupees

Looking for some unique, cool and fun gift ideas but under a budget? The variety of products in the market are becoming more and more everyday but they are certainly not budget friendly anymore. Are you looking for some gift ideas under 250 rupees? Nowadays it is so hard to find a budget friendly gift that doesn’t look second hand but here is a list of gifts under 250 rupees that will help you find the best budget friendly gift. We are often put in a situation where we either have to spend more than our budget to get a nice gift or get a compromising gift on a budget. But what if we say that we have an alternative choice for you? Yes, you read that just right. We have curated a list of gifts under 250 rupees and mind you! These gifts are absolutely amazing and the person receiving them will definitely fall in love with the gift. If you are looking for a nice, pleasant gift for your friend or a colleague at the office, check out our collection of gift items below 250 rupees and find the perfect choice of gift for your purpose. These gifts are great for any occasion like birthdays, friendship day, Diwali celebrations, Christmas secret Santa gifts and so on.

1. Fruit & Nuts Square Box Gifts Under 250 Rupees


If you are kind of broke during the time of Diwali, then that might be worrying you. But don’t worry, check out the handmade rose theme Diwali Diya gifts under 250 rupees that are such gorgeous gifts for a loved one. Make your friends and family members feel special by giving them this thoughtful Diwali gift.

We Indians celebrate a lot of occasions and following the tradition, we share happiness through gifts and treats. Finding unique gift ideas for all your loved ones, for all these occasions, every year is not at all easy which is why, we list out the best gift ideas for every occasion just for you. Find the best gifts under 250 rupees for her/ him and surprise with love. These are the times when our budget friendly gift ideas would come in use. There are amazing gifts under 250 rupees that can surprise your loved ones. Buying gifts and surprises for your close friends and family members is one of the best feelings ever. Don’t let any budget constraints come in between enjoying special occasions with your loved ones. Check out our list of gift ideas under 250 rupees and thank us later.

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