Top 5 Hilarious Range of Funny Gifts

When we have many friends that we fool around with, funny gifts play a very important role. Even though we love our close friends and we wish the best for them, we don’t get satisfaction without teasing them, embarrassing them, making fun of them and blackmailing them to reveal their ugly pictures. All this fun is common between every friend circle. Also behind this fun is the true love and a strong bond that let us do whatever we feel like to our close friends. When it is your best friend’s birthday, you would think of doing hundreds of pranks on them before revealing the big surprise. We have some fun ideas to prank your best friend on their birthday. You can check out our funny customized cakes for birthdays. You can pick a funny quality your best friend has and express it through the cake and make fun of them. But the cake will be so yummy that your friend will both get pranked but enjoy the cake. We have a huge collection of cakes which you can use as a funny birthday gift to prank your dearest friends on their birthdays.

So High Cake by CakeZone


If it is your sibling’s birthday and you are planning to play around a little bit before you reveal the surprise, then you can choose a funny birthday gift for your brother/sister from our list and make a fun memory to laugh in the future. Prank your man of love on valentine’s day with a funny gift for men and have some fun filled and romantic valentine’s with him. If you are a secret Santa to someone in your office, then give your pick a funny gift so that they can have a laugh and remember your funny secret Santa gift every Christmas. Funny gifts are always the best way to make a celebration full of laughter. If you want to surprise your husband on a special occasion, then first prank him with a funny gift and then reveal the big surprise. This way you can add some fun to the celebration. So check out our list of funny gift ideas and make any occasion fun, make it memorable to remember in the future and have a good laugh.

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