15+ Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Best Friend, Boyfriend, Girlfriend

“Friendship is not about people who act true to your face. It’s about people who remain true behind your back.” One can’t agree more with the quote above. We all have friends who are reliable and stand with us through good and bad times. Who insult us, laugh at us when we are around but love us immensely and are always there for us when needed. This friendship day thank your friends for always being there for you by surprising them with a special gift.

We have come up with friendship day gift ideas to help you find the right gift for friends who mean the world to you. Keep on reading.

Friendship Day Gifts For Best Friend

Best Friendship Day Mugs

This can be an ideal gift for your BFF. They would be reminded of you every morning while drinking tea/coffee.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses signify friendship, care, joy, delight, and peace. Yellow roses send a message of appreciation and platonic love. Place an order for your bestie and we will deliver at their doorsteps.

Friendship Day Greeting Cards

We have all grown up presenting greeting cards to our friends every friendship day. Select a beautiful greeting card and a lovely message on it for your friends and remind them of the old days.

Friendship Day Cake

Order this Special Vanilla Cake with available for delivery in Bangalore and freshly baked at HalfCute Cloud Kitchens by Expert Professional Chefs from all over the nation.

Friendship Day Bracelet

Celebrate the bond of friendship with this friendship day bracelet. If you can’t personally tie it to your special friends order it and get it delivered through us. This simple bracelet can strengthen the bond of your everlasting friendship.

Friendship Day Gifts For Boyfriend

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates are everyone favourite and top the list of everyone’s favourite chocolate. so why not go ahead and order for your boyfriend.

Rum & Whiskey Filled Bottle Chocolates Gift Box

The unique rum and whiskey filled liquor chocolates are for liquor enthusiast and the chocolate lover.  If your boyfriend likes liquor chocolates then gift him these chocolates filled with boozy liquid so that he can bite his favourite drink and get high on chocolates.

You Are My Best Friend Forever Cupcakes

If your boyfriend is also your best friend forever then send this set of 6 yummy cupcakes for your boyfriend with the lovely “You are my best friend” message on it.

Chocolate Overload Surprise Gift Box

If your friend is a chocolate lover than gift them this Chocolate Overload Surprise Gift Box.

Aromatic Perfumes

A Perfumes with a pleasant smell is always a great gifting option. so pick out a sexy new scent for your guy and gift him this friendship day.

Friendship Day Gifts For Girlfriend

Soft Toys

Girls love for soft toys is no secret. No matter how old your girlfriend is, she would never be too old to cuddle a soft toy and sleep. This friendship day, make a cute gesture for your girlfriend by presenting her a soft toy that she would love.

Tri Roses Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bouquet

This Tri Roses Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Bouquet is a bouquet of three roses and Ferrero rocher chocolate and is perfect for someone who loves chocolates and flowers.


Girls can never have enough of clothes and fashion accessories. If your girlfriend is a fashionista, gift her a trendy accessory like a ring, nosepin, earring, bracelet, anklet, etc. Don’t forget to compliment her when she wears the accessories.

Personalised Doodle Bottle Lamp

Girls love decorating their room and home with lights. Gift her this beautiful Personalised Doodle Bottle Lamp with a lovely message on it and brighten up her room.

Personalized Picture Cushion

A perfectly captured memory is worth a thousand words. Gift your girlfriend Picture Cushion with the most beautiful picture of you two on it. Every time she sees the cushion she would be reminded of your love and friendship.

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