Top 10 the Most Demanded Christmas Plum Cakes

When you think about Christmas, what comes to your mind? Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments, Santa Claus, presents and so many more festive things. There is one more delicious thing that definitely comes to our mind during these holidays, they are the Christmas plum cakes. We have a variety of yummy Christmas plum cakes and you can customize them with your favorite toppings. Christmas is that time of the year where you meet a lot of your friends and family. You will be invited to many family gatherings. Now it won’t look good if you go empty handed, so you can keep up with the tradition and grab a delightful plum cake. A traditional Christmas dinner would feel incomplete without a nice and fluffy Christmas plum cake, especially for us Indians. We also have rum plum cakes, which have an enhanced taste. If you are planning to host this year’s Christmas party, then check out our list of toothsome Christmas plum cakes and serve your guests some sweetness.

1.Rum Plum Cake by Liquor Chocolates And Cakes


Liquor chocolates and cakes also have a range of plum cakes without rum. These have rich fruits and dry fruits that will give the best taste of a Christmas plum cake. The cake is big enough to be served for 15 people. You can take this to a family or office party and share it with everyone as there is no alcoholic beverage in the cake.

Christmas Plum cakes are loved by almost everyone as it is made of a mixture of flavors. It has a mixture of fruits, dry fruits, soaked alcoholic beverages and you can blend it with any flavor of topping you like. Among all the cakes, plum cakes are a healthy choice. One might wonder, why plum cakes are never spoken about during other times, but when it is the month of December, everyone is looking for a plum cake for Christmas. This tradition comes from a long time ago and dates back to the roman times. They used to serve a cake called Saturn whose recipe is similar to that of the plum cake. India was introduced to Christmas plum cakes by the British, who brought along plum cakes during Christmas and till today the tradition of having plum cakes for Christmas has been alive among the Indian households. So grab your favorite choice of Christmas plum cakes from our list and have a great Christmas party.

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