Carnations – The flowers of God

Why are Carnations called “The Flowers of God”?

Carnations are also commonly referred to by their scientific name, “Dianthus”, the name given by the Greek botanist Theopharastus. They got the name Dianthus from two Greek Words – “dios”, referring to the god Zeus, and “anthos”, meaning flower. Carnations are thus known as the “The Flowers of God“.

According to a Christian legend, Carnations flowers first appeared on earth as Jesus carried the Cross. These flowers sprang up from where the Virgin Mary’s tears fell as she cried over her son’s plight.

Meaning of Carnations.

Carnations are the second most used cut flowers, only after Roses. Another reason why carnations have become popular is because they come in numerous colors and each color of carnation has a different meaning.

Carnations in general Fascination, Woman’s Love
Pink Carnations Mother’s Love
Light red Carnations Admiration
Dark red Carnations Deep Love and a Woman’s Affection
White Carnations Pure Love and Good Luck
Striped Carnations Regret, Refusal
Green Carnations St. Patrick’s Day
Purple Carnations Capriciousness
Yellow Carnation Disappointment, Dejection

Next time when you gift carnations flowers, check what they mean!

Red Carnations

White Carnations

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