Worried about where to get a grand cake for your Anniversary?

Well, worry no more, because we at HalfCute (Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune) have come to your rescue, with fresh cakes for you, and your better half, to celebrate that one day in the year, that is very close to your heart. A greater variety of anniversary specific cakes, you would not find-and this we can guarantee. From double hearts, to square photo cake and stepped flower cakes.

And there is no chance of you receiving a cake that has been baked previously unlike retail outlets. We bake the cake as soon as you place the order, as per your order specifics, and get it delivered to you on the same day. This way, not only do you receive a freshly baked cake right from the oven, but we as bakers, feel happy, that we have been able to make someone happy by putting an amazing cake on their plates.

And to put a smile on your lover’s face, you can also get the cake to be accompanied by flowers. We have a range of bouquets –

  • 10 white and 10 red roses
  • 12 red roses bunch
  • 17 carnations
  • Colors of Love-20 mixed roses
  • And more…..

Anniversaries are days of love and rejoicing. Days when we celebrate togetherness, and joy, that we get from being with one another. On such an occasion, having something sweet is auspicious as well, and when it comes to something sweet, why trust anyone else, other than HalfCute, who are well known for having in house chefs, who bake fresh cakes with fresh cream and not butter cream, like others in the market and get those mouth-watering, beautifully decorated fresh cakes delivered to your house so that your day is ever more beautiful.

You need to take care of a lot of things in life, but whenever you need to worry about cakes, don’t! Just leave it on us, to surprise you, and save the day, no matter what the occasion is, or what the time is. With same day and midnight deliveries going on as well, we are here to cater to all you sweet-needs!

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