Best Wedding Cakes in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune

So, you have selected the perfect lehenga, the perfect hall, and the perfect partner to spend your life with. You have selected the best caterers in town to cook mouth-watering food that people talk about for days. But what about the centre of attraction? What about that which sits in the middle of the table?

Yes, we are talking about the huge cake, that you will cut and that people will have, at the end-the end which makes the most impact after all! So, go on and chose a huge red velvet cake that will melt in the mouth of people and make them go gaga, or in case you are more of a chocolate person, then the choco- indulgence, a cake literally dripping with chocolate. With more than two hundred and fifty varieties of cakes that we proud ourselves of, there’s a high chance that you are going to be spoilt for choice.

In case it is a last-minute plan, don’t worry, our in-house chefs work around the clock, so that no matter, when you order, we can deliver the cake within a few hours on the same day. We have no lying stock. You order, give us exact specifications, knick knacks that catch your fancy, decorations that you might want, we immediately get to baking a wonder, which is then delivered, fresh, right to your doorsteps. Thus, bringing quality cakes a little closer to you, and I promise that if you get a cake from us on your marriage, you’ll also be getting one for your anniversary.

Unlike others, we are not just providing you with a service, we are providing you with fresh cakes, and made with natural ingredients, so that no one has to have stale, butter cream rich, cakes, that are full of harmful preservatives and stored for days in retails counters. Bringing a smile to your face and to the faces of those who taste our cakes is our first priority. So go on and order a big three tier cake for your marriage, or cupcakes to serve with ice cream, and be amazed by our baking skills.

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