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Top Five Best Selling Cakes by HalfCute

Everyone loves eating cakes and cakes being a part of every celebration across the world can be called as the king of desserts. Though a few years back this wasn’t the case, there weren’t a lot of options available in flavours and designs of cakes, Cake cutting ceremonies were confined to birthdays only but now, weddings, anniversaries and farewells are incomplete without it.

Cake shapes have also evolved over the years from the usual round shape to the stylish designer cakes like Cartoon Cakes, Photo Cakes, Theme Cakes and a lot more. However, one thing hasn’t changed and that is the craze of cakes and its mouthwatering taste. Since customers now have a wide variety of cakes to choose from, the question arises, which are the best selling cakes? Best Selling cakes might mean the hottest selling cakes to some. But for us at HalfCute, best selling cakes are the ones which will make you happy and fill every special moment of your life with utmost joy.

Here is a list of our best selling cakes.

Choco Truffle Cake

Love chocolate? Then this tender, luxurious layer cake is for you. Choco Truffle is a real heaven and a pure chocolate bliss for all the chocolate lovers! It is perhaps the most indulgent of cakes, with layers of chocolate sponge alternate with chocolate. Beautifully rich and loaded with dark chocolate, choco truffle cake is one of the most popular cakes in the world and its heavenly taste can make all your special moments extraordinary. Rich Choco Truffle Cake with a silky ganache chocolate frosting will be an ultimate chocolate indulgence. The rich chocolate cake topped with slick layers of fresh cream and choco truffles is a perfect choice to soothe the taste buds of all the chocolate lovers.  The choco truffle cake is rich, soft, moist, and has a dense bittersweet chocolate filling spread over the layers of chocolate sponge and the creamy texture makes you go crazy in every bite of it.

Rasmalai Cake

The Rasmalai Cake is adapted from traditional exotic Bengali dessert and is gaining popularity all over India due to its unique Delicious Fusion. The cake is prepared using a soft base with flavoured cream and textured spongy Rasmalai. The unique Rasmalai cake is a perfect blend of classic Vanilla sponge, Rasmalai milk, Dry fruits, and soft rasmalai sweets. The juicy Rasmalai cake is lined between layers of soft vanilla sponge, filling them with vanilla frosting and moistening the layers of cake with Rasmalai milk and garnishing with rasmalai. The cake will give you different exclusive taste and flavours while diving deep into the cake. Rasmalai cake will break all the stereotypes and gives you the experience to taste all the flavours of both traditional and western dessert at the same time.

Zebra Chocolate Cake

Zebra chocolate cake tastes as good as it looks! It combines chocolate and vanilla batter in the pan to create “zebra” stripes satisfying everyone, especially those who love a touch of whimsy. This cake bakes up light, tender, and totally satisfying. Eat one slice of it and you can’t resist yourself from eating another! This Deep Chocolate Zebra Cake is a winner for all the chocoholics.

Ferrero Rocher Cake

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake is the hot favourite cake of everyone and is ridiculously tasty. Ferrero Rocher Cake consists of chocolaty brownie layers, alternating with hazelnut meringue layers, filled with Nutella frosting and chocolate ganache, coated with toasted hazelnuts and topped with an amazing chocolate glaze. Ferrero Rocher is also known as Hazelnut Cake or Nutella Chocolate Cake. It has different names but the taste is always super delicious and mouthwatering. It is a show-stopping cake perfect for any celebration and great for chocoholics. Indulgence in a classic Ferrero Rocher cake is so worth it.

Kit Kat Gems Cake

A celebration coming up? A kit kat Gems cake is a great option, it more than a simple chocolate layer cake!  A delicious dark chocolate cake, with dark chocolate frosting, covered in kit kat chocolate bars and some colours are added using gems chocolate on top of the cake to make the perfect cake for any occasion!  This cake is so delicious and a perfect cake for any party!

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