Top 10 Halloween Greeting Cards to Have More Fun in 2021

Halloween is celebrated all around the world, every year. The celebration is observed on the 31st of October and it marks the beginning of Hallowtide which is a celebration of All Saint?s Eve, All Saint?s Day and All Soul?s Day. The celebration is dedicated to the people who have left us i.e. it is in tribute to the saints, martyrs and all the dearly departed. The literature world and pop culture has created a mythological belief that this is the scariest night all throughout the year. It is believed that supernatural powers are at their maximum might during this night and the veil separating the natural and the supernatural world is very thin on this day. This literary belief has transformed this festival which has roots in Gaelic and Celtic festival of Samhain, into a spooky and scary one.

Due to the spooky nature of the festival, the Halloween wishes and Halloween greetings have also lightly edged towards the supernatural and spooky end. Creativity has shifted its spectrum towards scaring people when it comes to sending happy Halloween wishes. There are also references towards magic and witchcraft due to the advent of pop culture and movies. The Halloween wishes sayings such as ?park your broom and wait for a spell? are quite common on the Halloween posters and in the greeting messages sent.

Fancy House Party Halloween Wishes & Invitation Card by Privy Express


Wishing is all up to you and you may wish as you want, but the world seems to be following the scary and the spooky trend in wishing Halloween to their friends and family. The Halloween greeting cards usually have the supernatural element to them, or a lantern. The electronic greetings and the electronic cards have the added element of spooky or scary sound which is usually a shriek or a mystery music. You can start a new trend of greeting from this year with the present pandemic situations in mind. You can gift your friends and family with spooky masks and send them Halloween greetings. This way you are taking a step to keep them safe and at the same time keeping in step with the trends of the world.

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