5 Tips for choosing a Perfect Cake Every Time

Who doesn’t love cakes? Cakes would make for a great dessert, a great snack or even a great meal (don’t try it everyday though). Cakes are the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, from birthdays to weddings, a cake is sure to brighten up the already bright day. But choosing a cake is an art. The size of the cake, the flavor, the shape and the baker! Oh, what tough choices to be digging into a piece of heaven! (Can someone get me a Ferrero rocher cake right now, please?) A great cake conveys a heartfelt message iced in sugar and butter and cream… Yummy… Okay, okay, I will stop drooling over cakes and start talking about them.

From “cupcakes” to “seven-tiered-embellished-in-pearl cakes”, from plain old-fashioned vanilla to dulce-de-leche, from bundt cakes to castle cakes covered in fondant, Bangalore has it all and choosing the right one is what it is all about. There are great bakeries and the choice always comes down to personal taste and preference. Each baker has his/her own signature cake and finding that perfect place to get your dream cake from is what this article comes down to.

How to choose your cake?

  1. Decide your favorite flavor. – There are a million flavors – vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, tres leches, hazelnut, strawberry, Mississippi mud pie, coffee, blueberry and I can go on and on. You get the gist!
  2. Decide the type of cake you like – sponge cake, bundt cake, pastry or whatever it is that you fancy.
  3. Decide the shape of your cake – A cake is a special something. The shape of a cake must mean something to the person who is celebrating it.
  4. Decide the size of your cake – Depending on the number of guests, decide the quantity of cake to order.

Cakes for an occasion:

Like I said earlier, cakes are a perfect way to sweeten up a special day. Every occasion deserves a cake and it shall get one. Let us talk about the most common days that make cake a prerequisite.

birthday cake delivery

Special Birthday Cakes

Wedding cake

Custom Wedding Cake

Birthdays! Of course! A birthday is not complete without a birthday cake! Once the perfect cake is picked out, it is time for those perfect candles. Lighting them and those few minutes of making a wish, blowing the candles and everyone singing a birthday song are just awesome (and now I’m counting the number of days to my birthday). So, back to the magical moments, candles, claps and songs and, ah well, the cake! A birthday cake must reflect something dear to the birthday person. Do you have a friend who is mad about pokemon and now, the latest fad, pokemon go? Well, better order a cake that looks like pikachu or a snorlax or a charmander or all three together! Trust me, it is worth it just to see them flip out and yell or do a happy dance.

Next up are weddings. Wedding cakes online are all about the bridezillas. Whether they want a white fondant cake with a fondant lace veil and a bride and groom topper or a cake with mehendi designs, it has to be done. If the bride says she wants mango mousse, there has to be mango mousse and if the bride changes her mind, the cake has to change. So for wedding cakes, it is best to leave plenty of room and order the cake ahead. Sitting the baker and the bride down and discussing all the possibilities of the cake, the flavors and icing, the cake toppers and everything you can possibly think of. The effort put in finalizing the cake will all be worth it when the bride gets wowed by it.

valentines day roses

Red Rose Bunch

The infamous Valentine’s Day! There’s nothing lovelier than a bunch of red roses, a heart-shaped red velvet chocolate bomb cake and a card delivered as a surprise. There’s nothing more to say than, go for it.

Ordering the cake:

It has never been easier to order a cake in Bangalore. You are just a call or a click away to order the perfect cake. With same day deliveries and midnight deliveries, you can now make sure the sweet surprise is delivered to your loved ones even when you cannot be present in person. So go ahead and order that cake right now. Excuse me while I go and get myself a piece of gooey goodness.

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    A birthday is incomplete without cake.For special occasions, cakes should be special.That’s why I would like to suggest you all to try HalfCute and you will never regret it. Please try once!

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    Great tips, some times we have seen reputed bake can’t able to provide quality cakes, so before order any cake for any special event we need to test the cake.

  5. Floracty India says:

    Wow! Those tips are superb. Cakes are now integral part of every occasion, people cut cakes on their birthday, anniversary and any other celebration party.

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